Useful Links

Over the years, I have found all sort of help from various sources. Some weren’t so helpful; some were invaluable, some saved my life. So, I thought why not add a useful links page on my website, so that people newly diagnosed can come here and check out my recommendations?

All of us who are diagnosed generally feel the same emotions. Fear, anger, sadness, to name but a few, but we are still individuals and cope in different ways. Some people like to surround themselves with friends and family and talk about their cancer, others are more private and prefer to deal with things on their own or with a very small support network. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with cancer, and don’t ever let anyone tell you there is. This is your body, your cancer and your life. You should live it how you want to, and you’ll never have regrets. I hope you find the following websites, information and recommendations below helpful.

Love Caroline x


Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer care is a charity that was set up to support women with a breast cancer diagnosis. The website is packed with information, but the best thing on the site is the online forum. When I was waiting for results, the ladies on the forum were so supportive. I also returned there for a while when I was diagnosed with stage IV, there are many ladies with stage IV on there- it can feel very isolating with incurable breast cancer sometimes, so finding people in a similar boat to you can be a god send. The charity also has nurses at the end of the phone should you ever need to talk to someone about anything breast cancer related. You can call free on 0808 800 6000


Macmillan Cancer

Macmillan is a cancer support charity that deals with all cancers, so you’ll find a vast amount of information  on their website. For breast cancer they have dedicated information pages, and a huge Online forum with groups specifically for women with breast cancer, and younger women with breast cancer. They have a friendly group of people who frequent there, and there’s always someone online to answer any worries you might have even if its the middle of the night. They also have a helpline where you can speak to a nurse about treatment, or anything cancer related, or you can talk about financial worries and benefits you might be entitled to. Macmillan is famously known for their Macmillan nurses who can be involved in your care throughout, but you do not just get assigned a nurse when you are diagnosed at hospital, your GP or ward sister will need to refer you. You can find more information about Macmillan nurses and other support here. 



It may sound obvious, but social media sites can connect us to people around the world we’d probably never meet in the real world. I’ve gained a huge support network on twitter since I was diagnosed. Some I’ve met in person, some I haven’t. Many of my followers are from the UK, some are  from America, and others from Europe. We’ve all found each other through hashtags, groups and through friends of friends on twitter. Sometimes I don’t feel like ranting to my family or friends so I go on twitter and rant instead to predominantly a bunch of strangers, but, there’s always someone @me with kind words, cheering me on! It feels like we are all one big family. The transition from Facebook to twitter can be a difficult one, but I know which one I prefer. If you’re not on there already, try it out! You may be surprised or you may meet wonderful new friends who understand what you’re going through.

Holisitc/alternative treatments

Reflexology uses pressure on the feet, hands, and ears to stimulate nerve pathways and encourage relaxation throughout the body. It is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years.

Cancer patients can suffer from stress, sickness and fatigue as treatment can be very harsh on the body. Whilst I always advocate that people  are treated in a hospital with cancer medicines and treatment, I see nothing wrong with complimenting these with holistic treatments like reflexology and many oncologist support and even offer treatments now in hospitals. I have personally benefited from regular reflexology treatments and found it to be very relaxing, calming, helping me to sleep more soundly. I have found a wonderful woman who specialises in cancer patients called Annette Dawson. If you live in my area you can look at her website here if you aren’t within her area, then Google Reflexologists near you and look for someone who has experience with cancer patients.