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Working for a cancer charity

October 22, 2014

I should be asleep but my mind is buzzing with the days thoughts and it lead me to thinking about my job and more specifically something I shared with a colleague today.

I mentioned that the last 8 months have been a whirlwind and sometimes I have questioned whether I should be working for a cancer charity. A place that reminds me of my illness every day.  But mostly I love working there.  If I’d not had cancer I would never have known I had such a passion and raw determination to help and support others.

It’s not been easy.  When I started there I had barely finished chemo and rads. I was exhausted. I didn’t have very much hair. Looking back now I have no idea how I managed to hold a job down and commute. 

8 months later and a lot more energy and hair 😆 I’m constantly pushing forward, striving for better for myself and people affected by cancer.

My colleagues are a part of my cancer journey. They’ve come along for the ride, and I guess I feel a special bond with them, maybe because they’ve supported me when I’ve needed it and basically I’ve been recovering all the while I’ve been at work.

In a way I am child like, Cancer has made me regress emotionally and I am sometimes all over the place.  Nobody wants to cry or act like a t@at at work but I’ve accepted that this is a journey, my journey, and people are more understanding than maybe I used to give them credit for.

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