The reason there are so many singletons…

November 17, 2015

So I spoke to a guy today. He wants to meet me on Thursday for drinks. I’ve agreed but I’ve given up wondering if it’ll go anywhere mostly because it rarely does. I’m fussy, but it’s not just me who’s fussy- everybody else seems to be too, and then I had a eureka moment…

The reason there are so many single people using online dating is because everyone has unreasonable expectations (in other words their standards are way too high). I don’t know why I didn’t understand this before! 

The guy who’s taking me out is 36, he has an alright job, (not particularly inspiring),he has 3 kids. He is average looking. He’s nice to talk to. 

He says that he wants a pretty woman who’s intelligent but can’t find one. I immediately think uh oh this guys standards are too high. He said “there’s nothing wrong with wanting someone near perfect for you is there?” And I had to answer honestly. “No. As long as you’re near perfect yourself.” I added a Lol, to tone it down, but I was deadly serious. 

Perhaps it’s unfair of me to judge this guy as pretty average. I don’t know him after all. But do we all need a reality check? Do we all think we are better than we actually are and think we deserve better than we actually do? 


So here’s the thing. I think I’m pretty. I’m pretty sure I’m fairly intelligent. But you see there’s always someone prettier and more intelligent than me, and guys know this. 

There’s  also around 3,546,345 other girls online to meet-so why settle for just pretty and intelligent when you could have prettier and more intelligent? 

Until people evaluate themselves fairly, and lower their expectations they are never going to settle and that’s the hard truth.. 

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