PMB Pre menstrual Bitch

June 17, 2015

Since  my operation my hormones are so messed up! I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. Mother Nature keeps bringing me gifts every bloody week (yeah I know; accidental pun there).

Lately I’ve been a bit of a Hulk. Very moody and moany about everything. I realise I have a bad case of PMS or PMB pre menstrual bitch as I like to call it.  Tamoxifen really messes everything up let alone surgery on top. 


I don’t understand how some women sail through the time of the month and others swell up to the size of Jabba the hut and stab their boyfriends. In France if you kill your partner because you have major PMS you can be excused for it. (Ok maybe I made that up and that’s extreme)! 😦

Anyway note to self and others who suffer:

  •  Don’t  get waxing/threading done when PMSING it hurts much more.
  • Don’t eat everything in sight you will get huge. HUUUUGE!
  • Try to avoid people in general as they will be very annoying! 

You’re welcome 

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