Page 3? I'm on the fence.

January 22, 2015

I always saw myself as someone who celebrated the female form, and the freedom to do what you want with your body. I’ve never really cared much about page 3 but I do have issues with mens reactions to it and the leering and smutty comments. Yuck.

But of course a lot of men are going to (generally) be sexually aroused by it  and find it titillating if you will pardon the pun. But that’s why the women do it isn’t it? To be admired and lusted after? We all want approval in some form and I guess this is their way. It definitely gets attention!

I do have a problem with girls who say that women who oppose page 3 are jealous and insecure. I can’t speak for everyone but I am not jealous in any way of a topless model  (and I use the term model very loosely), even when my boobs were in fact great boobs. Just because someone is against something it doesn’t always mean they are jealous. Sometimes people need to think a little more deeply about things and try to see other points of view.


I think I sit on the fence with page 3. With my top on of course. (Sorry guys).

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  • Reply Dee Rutty January 23, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Well said!

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