On Valentine's day I will be loving…

February 8, 2015


I give myself a hard time a lot about my hair and my weight gain and my eyebrows that won’t grow back properly and my crap tits (which is said in a jokey way) but I don’t like them much…
Then there’s my  moodswings and how I feel a faliure some days for not coping so well. I see others who appear.to be over their cancer ordeal already and I ask myself why I can’t be them?

But maybe people aren’t over it and they hide it well. Maybe I’m doing one for the team being completely transparent and honest.
Perhaps moodswings are ok and understandable and most people say my eyebrows are nice. and
There’s loads of people who would love to be with size 14 voluptuous me and don’t care that I can’t fit in to my old clothes. And perhaps great perky boobs are not the be all and end all.

So this year I decided not to worry about stuff so much, or feel like shit because a guy I liked doesn’t like me back. Maybe some guys want magnolia and I’m multi coloured.

So this Valentine’s and every day after that I’ll be loving myself and all my “faults” except from now on faults will be quirks. That’s far more positive isn’t it?

We should all love our uniqueness and individuality after all. You don’t need cards and roses to feel loved, real love has to come from within. Acceptance.


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