Never thought today would come and the power of I love you. 

April 27, 2015

I actually slept well last night right the way through to my alarm which was 4:30am a shocking time to get up by anyone’s standard.

I am currently downing 2 litres of Buxton mineral water as I have around 90 seconds until I’m totally nil by mouth. So typical me wants it more when I’m told I’m not allowed something. 

An emotional parting this morning with my dad. The most unemotional hard guy you would ever meet (at least by father standards). He tells me he’s worried about me after I tell him not to worry. Which of course makes me cry. Not because I’m worried anything will go wrong but because I can’t bear my dad thinking about me and worrying for hours on end. 

Anyway inbetween the tears (my tears, come on he’s not that emo reader) he says that he does love me and do I know this, of course I know deep down but he never says it. I muster an “I love you too.” And I walk off in to the distance with my suitcase rattling behind me thinking how 3 small words from my father mean more than anything in the world right now.

So the day  of my surgery has arrived. I feel sick and I’m very nervous. I know it’ll be all worth it when it’s all over…

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