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September 25, 2014

I wanted to make a video about my friends to show others  how their cancer diagnosis didn’t break them.


I think the right words and support are so important for someone newly diagnosed and all of my friends felt lost and overwhelmed like me so I asked myself what would I like to have  seen in the beginning?

Many of these ladies in the video are younger than me. Some went on to do amazing things like get married and have babies during treatment. But it’s their strength and bravery which shines through.

Some of the girls never had bad days,  never complained.  I was and am still in awe of them.  Perhaps I coped the least well out of all of us. My quotes are not the most spectacular or positive.  In fact during my treatment I was openly down in the dumps  a lot more than the others.  But that’s ok. There are no prizes to be won here.

I know this will be quite emotionally heavy for some and I don’t expect everyone to enjoy it, my target audience was aimed at people recently diagnosed but I’m amazed how well its been received by the girls family and friends.  One womans husband in the film wrote “I am so proud of you.” That was touching.

I am proud of my work, I put my soul in to everything I do and I unashamedly love this video and the people in it.

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