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November 2, 2014

It’s November.  2014 is nearly over. How fast has that gone?

It’s been a tough year, full of ups and downs but strangely one of my best years to date in terms of  amazing things happening and achievements. 

In truth, I’ve been busy creating a life for myself that I will be proud of when the end comes and hopefully that’s a long way off.

One thing I’m proud of is my blogs- I’ve learned to write in an honest and vulnerable way which has improved my self esteem  and confidence.

To be vulnerable requires courage and trust.  This is me this is how I feel, it’s not how society thinks I should feel or necessarily positive, please don’t laugh at me.

It’s not being vulnerable that’s scary per se it’s others reactions that we fear,  but particularly face to face because there’s nowhere to hide.


Falling in love is a slightly different vulnerability. Nothing lasts forever after all. In this case we fear being hurt by the other. It’s a massive deal but cancer taught me to try and think about all the great possibilities and not focus on the bad which may not even happen anyway.

So in conclusion everything  is generally going well
But things could be better. I really would like


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