Judging the judgers

June 2, 2015

People really annoy me with their small mindedness.

All I see every day is people who have been fortunate in life make selfish ignorant remarks about others who are less fortunate. When I say fortunate I mean people who have never suffered real hardship. They are always the ones who are quick to make the “Daily mail” comments. (No explanation needed).

Just today I’ve seen an article about a family of 9 being evicted from their home under the new Tory welfare cuts. The article states that the father had worked all his life but was made redundant and can’t get work dispite applying for 100’s of jobs.  Yet all comments in response to said article are agressive, moaning that they are paying for this family’s benefits (which by the way is far too big),how dare they have 7 children it’s far too many!  Nobody has read the story properly because they’ve already made their minds up. 

People fall on bad times unexpectedly without warning. Most people don’t bring it on themselves it’s just unfortunate luck. Nobody wants to lose their job or fall ill.

I’ve always always pushed for compassion empathy and kindness particularly in the cancer world. Personality traits I’ve always tried hard to adhere to and ingrain in my children. Obviously I have an experience of life threatening disease so it’s easier for me to preach  and feel empathy for others when it’s something I needed so much myself at one point- even now… 



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