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October 3, 2015

Salut my petit friends.  I’m tres excited to tell you that I shall soon be heading off to the city of baguettes, pain au chocolate and of course love!  Yes! Paris!  I can’t actually believe I’ve been to so many cities but never made it to Paris in my 35 years. (Disneyland doesn’t count). 

 Anyway I’m having an anaesthetic and a biopsy the day before and it’s my birthday too so I thought Jesus Christ Paris is the least I can treat myself to.

Now I’m obviously praying I don’t take the mega period with me or I think I will throw myself in to the river Seine if it’s still going on in two weeks. And I would have to forgo all my clothes and take a suitcase full of le tampax!😁

The sad part is, I’m not eating naughty carbs. That means bread pastry and pomme frites (chips for the uncouth) are all out. But steak is in and I’m pretty sure snails are low carb right?! 

Anyway I’m not looking for love but French men are attractive and the accents are so sexy there may be some flirting by way of me practising my French (which I get very good at when I’m drunk by the way). All of a sudden after a few wines I become fluent! Does that happen to anyone else?! 😂

 A bientot!


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