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It's a very very mad world

May 26, 2015

It frustrates me that It’s 2015 and we live in a very controlling world with very little say in what we are allowed to do.

In Ireland for instance abortion is illegal. It doesn’t matter how the baby is conceived, whether it’s from incest or rape, that baby must be born. No consideration is given to the feelings of the mother. Regardless who has the right to say what an acceptable reason is for a mother who wishes to terminate her baby? It’s her body. Her life. Her choice. At least it should be…

I’ve never had to go through anything like terminating a pregnancy thank god, I imagine it’s an awful decision one has to make, but the point is there is a decision process and in the UK thankfully this is not taken away from women.

So just this week a man in his 50s went to a Swiss clinic and killed himself as he had a tumour on his spine which would have eventually paralyse and kill him. In the UK euthanasia is illegal. The law believes it’s better to die a slow and horrible death rather than end it all with dignity with another’s help. If your dog or cat is ill  the vet will put it to sleep because it’s humane and the right thing to do. Yet humans are not treated with the same dignity. Why is this? Yes it’s very sad to hear and for the families left behind but ultimately it’s a decision we should all be able to make, you know, whether we live or die. Ultimately this man was courageous and a hero in my eyes and thank god there are places in Switzerland for people like Jeffrey Spector.
People say killing yourself is selfish. But I say walk a mile in a terminally ill or depressed persons shoes. Who are you to judge how someone lives or doesn’t want to live their life?  

 I hate living in such a controlling society it makes me feel despondent for future generations.

Anyway today I’m feeling much better and Carolina was actually in the city today for real  but I’ve over done it so I need a nap! 😊

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