If your ship doesn't come in (Macversary)

February 10, 2015

So today was my 1 year anniversary at Macmillan which has flown by!
It’s special because not only because I enjoy my work, I’ve watched myself improve and get better.
One year ago I didn’t feel very well. I was fatigued and struggled remembering the days of the week let alone complex information.

But even though chemo brain hasn’t gone completely, 15 months since chemo finished, I’m 90 percent back to myself re brain function. Plus I have shit loads of energy. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to not feel tired, it’s taken a hell of a long time, but whatever.  I got there in the end.

Tomorrow I’m having a photoshoot for work purposes and being part of an amazing PR stunt.  Something which I identify with wholeheartedly. So it’s an extremely early start and I’m mega nervous but that doesn’t matter.
This is my life now. Exciting fun with a world of opportunities at my feet, if I want them

And I do…


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