7 great things about Sydney

November 5, 2016

Oh no! I’ve morphed in to a wannabe travel blogger! It’s funny how a couple of weeks away inspires us to write about it. I’d like to say this is an original post but I’m sure it’s been done a million times before! I’m admittedly one of those travel guide nerds who visits all the recommended areas and attractions, eats at all the recommended restaurants (if I manage to find them), and generally I have a pretty good holiday, but it dawned on me that even the most prestigious travel writers probably have different tastes to mine. It’s all down to personal preference-sights you enjoy and food you like isn’t it?

With that said, here’s MY top 7 things I love about Sydney.

1. The food

Gluttonous me had to put food up there at number 1 but I won’t apologise for it. The food is incredible here and cheaper than back home- particularly if you find Asian food that’s not in the main touristy areas. Thai,Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese all tastes so much more authentic here than the UK, and as you would expect the seafood is to die for. Portions are huge like in America but you don’t have to eat it all… (Ok actually you probably will want to eat it all). Remarkably with all this amazing food at their fingertips,  Sydney-siders are quite health conscious so there’s lots of organic tea places and juice bars as well as plenty of joggers around the harbours. You can make healthy choices though. Fruit is also fresh and tasty here.

Bower restaurant Manly


2. Beaches

Whilst not the best in Oz, Sydney does have some pretty beaches. Most famously Bondi beach, a notorious spot for surfers, but also the lovely Manly beach, plenty of surfers there too-just a 20 minute ferry ride away from the circular quay. There are many more beaches with white sand and blue sea, although in Spring the sea is pretty cold, but lots of people don’t seem to mind it! Be careful of the sun here. It’s much stronger than the rest of the world due to the ozone layer being thin. I burned my arm and I rarely burn! Wear factor 50 and a hat and try to stay out of the midday sun. Skin cancer is no joke. 

3. Coffee

I do love coffee but these days I’ve been more of a green tea fiend. Like most I’m a bit of a coffee snob and think nothing of spending nearly 3 pounds on a morning coffee from one of the big coffee chains. Usually my cappuccino is lack-lustre-barely warm, no froth, but I make do because, well, caffeine… Then I had coffee in Sydney and they just blew the coffee beans out of the percolator! I had a cappuccino the other day in a modest coffee shop on Pitt Street Sydney’s CBD area and I think I had some sort of orgasm! The milk was thick and frothy, and it remained thick and frothy until the last sip. The coffee was hot and sweet and just an all round pleasurable drink experience. I’ve not had a bad coffee here. I don’t think such a thing exists.

4. Sunsets and sunrise 

I never appreciated beautiful surroundings as much as I do now. Whether that’s down to age or having cancer I’m not sure,perhaps both. It’s worth getting up early in Sydney to see the sunrise. It’s incredibly beautiful. Late spring here means the temperatures are late 20’s and the skies are blue most days and the sun shines from around 5:30am until just before 8pm. That’s a lot of sunlight! I don’t think I’d ever get bored of the beautiful majestic orange hues here. You just feel so blessed to be alive. 

5. Taxis 

At home I love Uber and I use it around the world. I presumed I’d use it here but I haven’t much because there are taxis everywhere and they aren’t terribly expensive-don’t quote me but I think around 2 dollars a km? In New York getting a taxi was a nightmare, so it just makes getting around the city so much easier. All the taxis take cards too unlike the UK. Who carries cash around these days? 

6. Expats

There are so many British people here. It’s evident walking down the street especially in the CBD (central business district). I’ve been told the pay is good here, better than at home, but the property prices have rocketed and doubled so like in London young people cannot afford to buy here. I don’t think I could live here. It’s so far away, but I understand the charm. There are lots of meet ups arranged for expats and solo travelers should you wish to partake (couchsurfing or meetup are good websites) and you also get to meet lots of friendly Australians who love to tell you about their city. Just don’t mention Alf Stewart though as not that many Australians watch the soaps. (Yeah I was dumbfounded).

7. Cleanliness and green spaces 

The city is spotless-at least what I’ve seen of it. There’s no litter, no dog poo, the parks are freshly mowed and pruned and everywhere looks immaculate. In comparison as much as I love it, London looks filthy, I don’t think I’ve seen a city as clean and pristine as this one. Also there are so many beautiful parks here. Hyde park, the Royal Botanic gardens,  Just lovely to sit in and people watch with a coffee of course. Jacaranda trees are in abundance  in spring with pretty purple flowers, they are the most beautiful tree I think I’ve ever seen. 

Hyde park (not London)

Obviously there are so many other wonderful things about Sydney that I’ve left off like the stunning architecture of the harbour bridge and opera house, and the beautiful weather of course. All in all Sydney is pretty awesome. You’d be mad not to see for yourself… X

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