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June 12, 2017

I decided that after four years of blogging, (three on my boobs and me), I deserved a brand spanking new website! I am so pleased with it, and I hope you like it too. I am going to be having a lot of fun over the next few days, editing pages, particularly my Useful Links page on here which I aim to fill up with amazing websites, and sources that have helped me during my cancer journey.

I had treatment on Friday, which went really well, but since then I’ve been sleeping so much, I am like a zombie. I hate these early days following. I don’t feel myself, so I cheer myself up by looking at travel posts on Instagram and spending a small fortune on travel magazines. Why must travel mags be so expensive? Do they think travellers have money to travel so they can afford pricey magazines?! I can’t stop thinking about Thailand and India lately, but I know that certain destinations are risky to my health, although that probably won’t stop me from going. You might know that we are returning to Southern Italy in August as we loved it so much. We also didn’t have time for Amalfi, or Pompeii and I must see both. I am wondering where else I can squeeze in before then?

As you know I am due to have my Cyberknife treatment next week, but they called me today to say that their machine has broken down-how’s my luck? So anyway I have to go to another hospital to have it done and my appointments will need to be changed. I just want to get on with it now. I’ve psyched myself up to have it, so I don’t want much of a delay if any.

With the recent terrorist attacks close to home, and the stress of the latest election results, it’s been hard for me and I’m sure others to relax and feel happy inside. Having cancer is hard enough without the aforementioned on top. It’s ok to feel sad and down in the dumps, but don’t be sad alone. Talk to someone, someone you trust, about how you’re feeling. I am so bad at speaking to others about what’s going on inside. I tend to cope alone, and that can feel quite lonely sometimes. Don’t be like me. Things always tend to get better after a low point, so don’t lose hope.


Love Caroline x

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