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Flying high with incurable cancer.

November 2, 2016

I was going to wait until I’d adjusted to the time zone in Australia of 11 hours ahead to write this, but it’s now 4 days in and I’m failing miserably! Therefore I’ve decided to just sleep when I need to which invariably means I’m awake most of the latter half of the night-hey-ho.

You probably know that I am lucky enough to be well, and even luckier to be holidaying in Sydney, Australia. A crazy distance of ten thousand miles, I think many people thought I was bonkers when I told them I was going, and for a while I wondered if I was doing the right thing. I am extra nervous these days, more anxious about things which could put me in danger but on the contrary I’m also prepared to take risks even with my health not being in the best nick. 

Anyway I apologise for beating around the bush-of course,this post is about my first class flight with Emirates! Be warned! It’s going to be ostentatious! Ok so it was a lot of money but not as expensive as you might think-but regardless,I wanted to do it. My family were very supportive. When I did feel guilty, I reminded myself that I deserved this and told myself to enjoy every second. 

On the day of departure,I was picked up by a chauffeur who took me to Gatwick. I left 4 hours before my flight because I wanted to spend some time in the Emirates lounge before my flight. You gain access to the lounge by your ticket if you’re flying business or first. Inside are comfy seats and tables. Bottles of champagne on ice, spirits, juices, hot drinks,soft drinks and water-it’s all there. There’s a cold food section which serves seafood and appetisers and a hot buffet section which included things like lamb cutlets, curry and pasta. There was also lots of different cheeses. 

I ate a prawn and crab cocktail, a small amount of chicken curry, some crackers with cheese and some fruit. I had 3 glasses of champagne and a glass of Baileys. By this point I was quite tipsy and being in an airport lounge eating and drinking really did pass the time, and before I knew it it was 9pm and time to walk to the gate. The adrenalin was pumping, I already felt spoilt but knew things were about to get even better.

Business and first class passengers board the plane from the upstairs level. This would be the first time I’d ever turned to the left when boarding a plane.

I was shown my seat which was a window seat at the back of the first class section. They brought me a glass of champagne and a very hot face towel which was very refreshing. Then I was shown how to adjust my seat and use the television which was huge by the way. The leather seat was comfortable and wide and could be turned in to a lazy boy or a flat bed. I was then given a very nice amenity kit which included Pajamas, slippers and toiletries. 

Each suite had sliding doors which you could either have open or closed for privacy all done by remote control of course! 

After take off we were given an extensive menu and wine list which we could order from at any time during the flight by pressing the buzzer. The Emirates a380 planes also have onboard showers-yes showers! It’s insane, the bathrooms are bigger than an average size living room. I booked my shower towards the end of the flight so I felt refreshed. 

I then decided I would try caviar as an appetiser and I ordered a cosmopolitan-very Sex and the city. The caviar was like little bubbles of air popping on my tongue. Salty but not too salty, I think it was from Iran I’m not sure.

As I was still full from the lounge I didn’t eat or drink much on this flight to Dubai. I just chilled out and watched a couple of films. See how they lay the table like you’re in a restaurant? They do this every time you eat. 

It was soon time for my shower. I couldn’t not get my head around the fact that I was 40 thousand feet up in the air travelling at 500 miles per hour and I was going to have a proper shower! As you can imagine the bathroom was beautiful and huge. My  photos don’t really do it justice. Even the floor is heated. Upon   exiting the bathroom they had turned the first class bar in to a mini spa decorated with flowers and a little fountain-a nice touch. When I retuned back to my seat there was some Asian tea and some fruit waiting for me. 

I then had to change planes-Dubai to Bangkok-a nine hour flight and one I knew I wanted to sleep on. Weirdly at breakfast time they were serving dinner, but I didn’t mind and ordered curry and some more champagne. I changed in to my Pajamas and the hostess made my bed for me. The bed was fully flat with a mattress sheet pillow and duvet. It was comfortable. Getting more and more confused by the changing of time zones I slept soundly for most of that flight. 

I didn’t realise at the time, but I’d booked a journey with 2 stops so it was a very quick 2nd stop at Bangkok before re-boarding the plane onwards to Sydney. I knew I should be feeling like absolute shit by now, but I didn’t, I felt pretty fresh. As I was on the last leg, I was determined I was going to take advantage and order everything! 

On this flight the first class section was empty apart from 2 Australian girls and a baby who slept through the whole 9 hours. I ordered more champagne and a meze which was huge and delicious. It came with warm crisp flatbreads. Nothing tasted like aeroplane food, everything tasted like something in an expensive restaurant. How? I don’t know. 

After I’d eaten, I went to try and sleep again  but I struggled to stay asleep I guess because my body clock was already affected. Then it was time for another shower-this one I enjoyed the most as I felt pretty tired by this point. I’d been travelling for 23 hours! As the hot water sprayed in my face I smiled to myself thinking what a mental experience this had been. I was 2 hours away from Sydney-I’d made it in one piece feeling like I’d been chilling out at home with some good food and movies. It was sheer luxury and thoroughly enjoyable. Instead of looking tired and haggered I entered Sydney airport looking refreshed and quite glamorous and the best part is, I get to do this all again on the way home! 

I’ve said this before but I don’t have a bucket list I have a fuck it list! Throwing caution to the wind at times and being extravagant makes life worth living and definitely makes me forget about stupid cancer…
Was it worth it?

Hell yes.


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