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Becoming ok with death. 

January 20, 2017

 Accepting that you are going to die of a terminal illness is like experiencing any other grief. There’s usually denial followed by anger and then hopefully the magic acceptance. 

Now I know for a fact that there are people who know me who would frown upon me accepting my death because they view it as giving up-I can assure you that I am certainly not giving up on life, merely enjoying it more by accepting what is inevitable in the near future.  

You see, being in denial about dying of cancer isn’t really a great place to be. You are simply not in touch with your emotions or reality, you are living a lie. Being angry about dying young is not much better, but at least it’s admitting to yourself that it’s happening,half way to acceptance and feeling real emotion. I believe you must go through this process-the angry stage is definitely important. Get it out of your system, shout and cry about the whole unfairness of it all, and then leave it all there behind you and walk away. Eventually I think there mostly comes a point for us all where we accept that we are going to die and we aren’t going to be around for our children and the big things like weddings and grandchildren,and knowing that our parents will outlive us. Of course it’s desperately sad at times to think of what we will be leaving behind,  but accepting death means that every day I’m alive I can be free of anger and at peace with it. I can enjoy each day still with hope in my heart that I will live for a while yet. 

Yes, accepting my fate just means that I’m a happier, stronger more contended person and who knows maybe accepting what is gives us more months or more years than being in denial or angry ever could?..


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