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Whether you like it or not there are winners and losers who have cancer.

October 23, 2017

Today’s post is a subject matter that’s close to my heart. It’s for my friends who tried hard but didn’t live very long. It’s for the people I know that are on their last line of treatment, petrified that their time has ran out for them even when they feel well, it’s for about ninety percent of women who live for 2-3 years after a secondary  diagnosis (a mean average) thank god there are women (a select few that live for years and years they give us the hope that we will be them too), but the reality of us living for years is really very small perhaps about 2-3 percent

So how do you become one of these people that outweigh the odds and live for years?

  1. You have a cancer which is less aggressive, slow growing with lots of treatment options.
  2. Most treatments work for you for longer than average, often you stay on treatment for years
  3. You are an older woman with a grade 1-2 cancer
  4. You are simply lucky. A cancer diagnosis is not lucky for anyone- nobody deserves this shite, we all battle every day, we all cry. We are all scared.

Now I’m a person in the middle. Some of my treatments have worked others have not. I don’t get very long on treatment  months instead of years. I have most horrible side effects. My lungs now fill up with fluid and need to be drained. I have seizures, I fractured my spine in many places and had to learn to walk again. Many people are going through more, I don’t feel sorry for myself there is no point.

What I wanted to tell you via this post is that some women have less side effects and their treatment works for years, and for women like me we admire them but we secretly wish we were as lucky as them. I won’t stop talking about it because people are put out or think they deserve all the recognition and reward, (I think so too but please understand there are many reasons that ladies live a long time with stage 4) and there are many reasons that people die very quickly. We feel like failures, when treatment after treatment fails, please understand how that feels because nobody speaks the truth really about this, they only talk about the people who live for years who are an inspiration to the cancer world. But don’t forget the ones who try equally as hard and die too soon, it’s not their fault, they didn’t do anything differently, it was simply bad luck.

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