My name is Caroline. In 2013 at 33 years old, I was told I had aggressive grade 3 breast cancer. The cancer had already began to spread and was in my lymph nodes. I had surgery, plastic surgery, chemotherapy radiotherapy and a year of herceptin and then a huge operation called DIEP flap to rebuild my breast. Unfortunately, 4 years on I am now incurable. They call me stage IV. There aren’t any more stages.

During treatment I carried on with life, as a mum and decided to blog not just for my own sanity and wellbeing, but to help as many other young ladies I could so they didn’t feel like they were on their own.

My writing is very emotionally charged at times, but always very honest. I felt that my privacy and embarrassing myself was not an issue if people could see the real deal of cancer, because cancer is tough, it’s a long road ahead, but there are always good days, wonderful days, and there will be for you too. Just never lose hope.

These days you’ll catch me on a plane or on a beach somewhere, I now call myself a world traveller! Cancer doesn’t stop me from doing the things I enjoy.

If you have any questions about my blog, or breast cancer treatment you can email me at carolinelee1979@gmail.com and I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours. If you wish to use any of my content, you are prohibited to use without permission. Please email me with your request first.


Thank you for reading.


Love Caroline x