Young at heart (you're so young at heart)

August 30, 2015

3 days of drinking and eating badly and sleeping in a tent last week have bashed my immune system. 

I spent most of yesterday exhausted and in bed and have a sore throat to boot. 

I guess this must be my body ticked off with me for last weekend. A message to slow down and eat healthily again. Anyway now all of my bank holiday plans are scuppered and I’m just getting better acquainted with my bed and PG tips. 

It’s funny how in our hearts we think we are still 21 and manage to convince ourselves of this. I defy anyone who says they fully accept their real age and doesn’t try and convince themselves they’re still at an age where they had the most fun!

There’s nothing wrong with thinking you’re 21 or 25 even if you’re twice that age; It’s just that sometimes you get harsh reminders i.e.when it takes you more than a week to get over a festival or your hangover lasts for five days. Your real age  can suddenly dawn on you, and it can be a bit of a disappointment- that realisation that you’re growing old.  

Having a youthful outlook on life really is good for the soul (which by the way in my case is an old one), young at heart with an old soul. ☺️

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