We all have secrets.

October 14, 2015

So I have nothing to contribute. 

 I’m talking specifically about subjects to blog about  which is always frustrating. Does it mean my life is stagnant and non-eventful? No because there are things I want to write about, only it’s impossible when people know of my blog they may think I’m talking about them when I’m not or I am, and they might recognise themselves. Obviously that won’t do!


So what do you do when you want to write about people that may stumble on your blog? It’s  an all round frustrating situation

Basically I just don’t write about it and it festers – there’s no outlet! The problem is,is that I rely on my blog as a way of dumping everything. It’s effectively my emotional dumping ground. It’s addictive and it works. I have a clear head, no stresses.

Anyway all I can say is theres a lot going on but nothing going on at the same time and it’s all consuming my head space. 

Maybe I need another blog to dump the secrets…

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