Nothing worth having ever came easy.

November 25, 2015

Do you ever daydream and plan all these different scenarios out in your head? How’s it going to go? Will it all be ok? 

I’m a dreamer (which is weird because I’m a realist when I’m not daydreaming).  I always think I can determine an end result but sometimes things don’t quite work out how you envisaged- but that’s ok. I’m used to the unexpected. A crazy life I’ve lead this far it must be said; nothing really phases me.


One thing I learned, probably as a child- ask for what you want. But only if it means something to you. Forget the small unimportant stuff.  Most of the time you won’t get what you want but sometimes you will hit jackpot and that’s why you keep trying. 

Surely this is preferable to being too afraid to ask for anything ever because you’re scared of being told no.  The word no is a bummer sure, but nothing worth having or fighting for ever came easy. 

I don’t do easy.. 


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