I wish I could just get over it

January 31, 2015

I don’t want to write this post but I must. I see it as failing though and a backward step.

I wish I could just get over the whole cancer thing and put it to bed. I’m so annoyed about what it’s done to my character  and I wish I was stronger but I’m not.

I’m sensitive sometimes and people push me too far. Perhaps to others I should lighten up and have tougher skin but I can’t help how I am.

Alcohol is a demon. People drink and become braver and more offensive. I drink and don’t react well to the offense. I can take a joke but I don’t like constant goading. I will snap like a crocodile. I’m fragile and that’s not going to change any time soon. And people aren’t going to become warm and empathetic over night or even try to put themselves in my shoes. So the only way is to avoid people that annoy me in an environment where alcohol is involved and/or probably avoid alcohol.

I get it. Not everyone thinks like me or reacts to things like me. I can be difficult to handle but if I treat someone kindly and with respect I expected to be treated in the same way.


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