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Don't ask "how are you" if you're not prepared for an honest answer.

December 19, 2014

My lovely colleague said to me today have you spoken about what you do at work on your own blog?
Which made me think no I actually haven’t. Nearly 500 people landed on my blog so far this month and that’s a fair few people to encourage and promote to.

Over the last month I have been sourcing content for a new website for Macmillan cancer support called The Source The concept and design is fantastic but it started as just an empty shell and today it’s full of wonderful tips and advice for people looking to know how to help people with cancer or closely affected by it.


Macmillan already help so many people affected by cancer and they do a phenomenal job. But now we are trying to reach the wider support circle such as friends and neighbours and colleagues because they want to support people too and sometimes struggle with knowing what to do and say leaving the person with cancer confused and feeling alone.

Cancer can make us extra sensitive and emotional but other people can be insensitive especially when they ignore you because they don’t know what to say. That’s why I was so passionate to work on this project to source the content for the site and promote it. I hated it when people said the wrong thing or worse ignored me and I don’t want it to happen to others.


I always actively encourage everyone to reach out and just muster 3 words- “how are you?” Simple but effective¬† especially if you are prepared to hear an honest answer because it’s not always going to be “fine thanks you?”

But asking how someone is is just the tip of the iceburg. There are loads more tips on the site and you can register and post your own advice to help others or seek tips to help someone you know affected by cancer.

So if you feel you could help others know what to say or do or feel like you could do with sourcing some wisdom please visit

One day no one will face cancer alone and knowing what to say or do will come far more naturally to everybody.

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