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    Nige (the swimmer)

      Nigel and I ‘met’ virtually online. Nigel was very nice and easy to get on with. Although not traditionally good looking he was attractive in his pics. Non bearded but a nice youthful…

    August 5, 2015
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    The dating life

    I always joke to myself that if I stopped writing about life, and cancer etc… I could write a book about dating, at least my awful dating experiences anyway! I’ve had some shockers of…

    June 30, 2015
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    And just like that it's over.

    So Christmas is all over for another year and I’m glad. I’m 3 pounds heavier and I didn’t even bloody eat that much just a couple of big dinners. I’m several hundred pounds down…

    December 27, 2014
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    Coffee cake and copping off

    Yesterday it was the Macmillan Coffee morning and I went along to a local one in my area. I don’t think I was prepared for the emotional impact and actually if you will forgive…

    September 27, 2014
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    Chemo and complicated relations

    Well lovely readers it’s with great delight I am pleased to report that I am rather happy! I hate writing anything on the contrary but as we know it’s not realistic to be happy…

    July 7, 2014